Work Delivery / TRAY x 6

Dimensions / 

ROUND TRAY 70x70x30 mm 

OVAL TRAY 70x160x30 mm

Year / 2017

Photographer / Yu-Cheng Studio


'Skin'- A Tray Series Expresses the age of Bark


'Skin' a Bark Tray Series expresses the extension and texture of bark by ancient Bark Cloth Craft.


The various forms of Trays come from a different age of Taiwanese Paper Mulberry Bark.


The different process of craftsmanship varies the colors, patterns, and tension of Inner Bark. After beating the fibrous inner Bark with a hammer, the young inner Bark turns pure white, and the senior one turns light brown.


The outer skin of the tree, the Bark is written with the past of life. Some of the Bark surfaces are young and tender, while some are tough and strong —the various appearances of Bark present their unique experiences of nature.

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Skin series_round tray 03